14/04:06 EDT Severe Weather Warning for Lord Howe Island

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
New South Wales

Severe Weather Warning
for Damaging Winds
for Lord Howe Island.

Issued at 4:06 am EDT on Sunday 14 January 2018.


Weather Situation
A strong cold front is expected to reach the island early this afternoon
bringing showers, possible thunderstorms and a squally wind change.

The average wind speed is expected to be 50 to 60 km/h with peak wind gusts
exceeding 90 km/h around the middle of the day.

Winds are expected to ease later in the afternoon.
The NSW State Emergency Service advise you: 
* Stay indoors away from windows and keep children indoors. 

For emergency help, ring the Lord Howe Island Police on [02] 6563 2199.

The next warning will be issued by 11:00 am EDST Sunday 14/01/2018.